Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Memory of rain

I love to see the rain

I love to see the rain that fell down on my window

then, count how much bead of rain which dropped on

I see, I couldn't..

He gave us many thing, as much as this sky tears

I love the sound of the rain

that rain song..

no one melody could beat it

even the best composer in the world

because this harmony was made by Him

I love when I walked in the rain

like a little girl who plays water

then her mommy came and said

'stop doing that sweety, you'll get cold. just go inside and change your clothe'

same as that,

if you made a mistake

He just said

'came to Me, ask forgiveness , and your sin will be cleared by Me'

I'd like to keep this rain tonight

as a memory of rain

that always made me realize

that You're always next to me

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